An action plan has been approved for organization of new tourist destinations in Kashkadarya region
13.03.2019 News

A government resolution “On measures to effectively use the tourism potential of Kashkadarya region” was adopted. The resolution approved an action plan for the organization of new tourist destinations in Kashkadarya region.

In addition, an ethno-tourist direction of tourism will be established in the villages of Gilan and Kul, 5 guest houses will be built in each village.

Agrotourism activities will be organized in the villages of Varganza and Hazrati Bashir. Within this direction, the Anor Festival will be held.

And in the villages of Tatar, Zarmast and Vari, the direction of extreme tourism will be launched, in each village 5 guest houses, 5 campgrounds and 10 yurts will be built.

Also ethno-kishlak will be established – the camp of military training of Amir Temur’s soldiers.

Ecological tourism will also be established in the villages of Sarchashma and Suvtushar, and astronomical tourism on the territory of the Kitab latitudinal station.

Under the brand “City of Festivals, the direction of MICE tourism will be opened.

Within the framework of this direction, scientific and practical conferences and seminars will be held on the heritage and creative art of Amir Temur.

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