Uzbek Embassy promotes tourism potential in Malaysia

Uzbek Embassy promotes tourism potential in Malaysia

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( — In order to widely promote tourism opportunities of Uzbekistan, as well as to increase the tourist flow to the country, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia is taking measures to achieve the goals set by the Government of Uzbekistan.

In particular, the diplomatic mission is not limited to placing banners with logos and symbols of Uzbekistan, demonstrating videos and individual stories about the republic on leading television channels, publishing relevant articles in print media and online publications of Malaysia, but also by placing the logo “Uzbekistan – Symbol of the magic East ”on the vehicles of the overseas agencies.

According to the Vice-President of the Malaysian Association of Travel Companies and Tour Operators (MATTA) Akil Yusuf, this advertising move will attract interest in Uzbekistan not only among Malaysians, but also millions of foreign tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur.

Tourists can get all the necessary information about Uzbekistan and the procedure for issuing visas via these electronic links, which ultimately will increase the number of foreign visitors visiting our country from all over the world.

In confirmation of this, many residents and guests of the Malaysian capital are photographed with interest against the background of the embassy car and ask for additional information about flights, airfares and travel companies in Uzbekistan.

Also, everyone is provided with handouts and brochures with information on the cultural, historical and architectural heritage of Uzbekistan. Tourists from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and European countries show great interest in visiting Uzbekistan.