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Ichan-Kala: the city-museum under the open sky

     As previously reported, an information tour was held for media representatives and subjects of the tourism industry of the country to Karakalpakistan and Khorezm region, the third day was devoted to the study of the historical Ichan-Kala complex in Khiva, Khorezm region. The organizer of the media tour was the State Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The legendary Khiva, the tourist “business card” of modern Uzbekistan, is a living heiress and the last capital of the great civilization of ancient Khorezm. And although the main tourist sites here are quite young (XVIII-XIX centuries), the city itself has a very solid age, and its fate is inextricably linked with the emergence, formation and decline of the powerful state of Khorezmshahs.


An action plan has been approved for organization of new tourist destinations in Kashkadarya region

A government resolution “On measures to effectively use the tourism potential of Kashkadarya region” was adopted. The resolution approved an action plan for the organization of new tourist destinations in Kashkadarya region.

In addition, an ethno-tourist direction of tourism will be established in the villages of Gilan and Kul, 5 guest houses will be built in each village.

Agrotourism activities will be organized in the villages of Varganza and Hazrati Bashir. Within this direction, the Anor Festival will be held.


Three modern hotels open in Khiva

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( — O’ztemiryo’lyo’lovchi (Uzbek Railway Passenger) is introducing another project in Khiva, which envisages construction of three modern hotels. Two of them are built within walking distance to the ancient city and belong to Khiva-Lokomotiv LLC.

Commissioning of the first hotel is planned in the near future. It is designed for 74 places, which are located in 41 rooms of various classes of service. The building is two-story, built in the style of national architecture and reflects the oriental flavor of the region. For the convenience of tourists, it was built near the railway station. Currently, the final stage of finishing works is carried out here.